10 best home remedies using coconut oil


To get rid of chap sticks use coconut oil every night on your lips. It will nourish your lips and will make your lips smooth and soft. With daily usage you will also see reduction in lip pigmentation.
Treat Pink Eye: Take one cotton pad and soak it into extra virgin coconut oil. Now gently apply this cotton pad against your close eyelids. Rest for 20-30 minutes and repeat this 2-3 times a day. Coconut oil kills unwanted bacteria and thus it helps in treating pink eye.
Diaper Rash: To prevent diaper rash, apply a layer of coconut oil on baby’s bottom. This coconut oil will act as a shield and will prevent your baby’s skin from diaper rashes.

Treat Dandruff: Coconut oil also helps in treating dandruff when used religiously. Massage your scalp with warm coconut oil and let it stay overnight. In the morning use natural shampoo to wash off the oil. Repeat this every alternate days to see effective results within a month.