Yoga Poses to Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat


The cobra pose really strengthens and elongates the stomach. It will help keep your dorsal spine strong and flexible. This move is great for people with minor back aches and pains. It also helps in the reduction of belly fat. The biggest of Dhanurasana is the reduction of belly fat. You’ll also get a good spine exercise in by compressing the spinal column which can help increase blood flow. An increase in blood flow to the abdominal region will help in toning as well as flexibility.
The boat pose is more for intermediate to advanced yoga goers. This pose is one of the best yoga poses for belly fat. If you’re looking to get rid of lower belly fat, start sitting like a boat!. This popular pose is sometimes referred to as the cat camel or simply just the cat pose. It is one of the most effective yoga exercises to help tone the abdominal muscles.. Click to find out more